Mistakes Most of the Young People Make

While all stages of life are significant, some are more significant than others because of their immediate impact on attitudes and behavior, while others are crucial because of their long-term consequences. Adolescence is one of the few times in life when both immediate and long-term effects are crucial. With various physical and emotional changes occurring, it’s unsurprising that all youngsters make so many mistakes around that time.

Being young is great, except it can be a liability to you. This crucial life stage can be traced back to anything we want to become. Let’s say it’s the source of our success or failure in life, and as such, it requires special attention. You should not waste this priceless moment in your life since it has consequences if it is missed. While the majority of young people are focused on getting good results on exam, the clever ones are those who focus on learning values.

If you don’t want your early adulthood to be ruined by simple mistakes, you’ll probably pick up a few tips. Today, I’ll discuss the most common mistakes that a young person commits in his developmental years.

Most of you are still very young; you got your whole life in front of you. And you are going to have to make a lot of decisions, some not so important but some will change your life. So I hope that I can help you with some of those decisions that you will have to make.

with the list of mistakes that young people tend to make let’s start.

Some mistakes are out of your control, some mistakes you make because you listen too much to others. However some mistakes can be more costly than others and sometimes there are some you will really wish you didn’t make.

1. Spending  money on monumental things:

mistakes of Spending money  unnecessarily

Okay I know the young age is pretty much for getting attracted to things and wanting to have everything. Well you deserve to enjoy your time as much as others. But don’t just go spending money on every available new product in the market. Your major responsibility as a young person should be to lay a sound financial foundation for your future. You should probably know way around your life since that age.

2. Lack of identity and individuality:

mistakes of Lack of individuality

Young people who are encouraged to be creative in their play acquire a sense of originality and identity, whereas those who follow a predetermined pattern do not have that distinct personality. Meaning, it’s always a good idea to be distinctive in your own manner, even when you’re a child. Recognize your outlet and seek to improve it.

3. Young people tend to give up easily:

giving up should not be an option- mistakes

When something becomes too difficult, it is all too easy to give up. Giving up what you’re doing to attempt something new can be a more convenient alternative at times. It’s possible that you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. The biggest mistake you can make is giving up. It is through endurance in the face of difficulties that a person becomes stronger and more well-rounded. When things are rough, resist the urge to take the easy way out. Continue to push through, and you could just surprise yourself. There is no finer feeling than getting through a difficult situation and emerging victorious. Try to think of every possible way to move forward. Don’t give up hope. Keep fighting!

4. Most silly mistake a young person can make is to believe in everything:

don't make mistakes in believing in everything you see or hear

Youngsters have sharp minds and strong opinions, but they rarely question what they hear from their elders. Youth should be a time for learning, but also for challenging what you’ve been told and digging deeper into your own personal ideas and points of view. You may find that topics that appear black and white are actually numerous shades of gray as you gain experience. Age does not always indicate wisdom, and many young people believe what they hear from their elders. If you know how to follow your instincts correctly, you can go a long way.

5. Trying to please everyone:

stop trying to please everyone, its a mistake

When you’re a youngster who is just starting out in your career, it’s natural to want to get along with your boss, clients, and all of your classmates. It may be discouraging to discover that some of them simply dislike you, and you will begin to bend to fulfill their requirements. This is a giant mistake since there is no formula that ensures everyone will like you. It is critical that you understand that pleasing everyone should not be your focus. Why to waste time and energy on something which is out of your hand when you can utilize that time in making good life decisions for yourself.

6. Impulsive thought process:

don't let your enthusiasm consume your youth, mistakes

 Similarly to believing everything they hear, impulsivity is a characteristic that practically every adolescent and young adult exhibits. It’s human nature to say or do things that you later regret. However, people are more impulsive in their early adulthood. Some actions taken in such circumstances may result in a major blunder that a person would come to regret later in life.

7. poor financial decisions:

lay out the foundation for a strong financial future

 Many college students and young adults are financially illiterate, and as a result, they make poor financial decisions that can be costly and long-term. The main cause of such mistakes could be a lack of financial independence since childhood. Young people who are just out of college are generally unprepared to deal with financial issues, which lead to poor financial planning resulting to less wealth and more debts. The faster a person grasps financial concepts, the more stable their lifestyle will be.

8. Not keeping a goal:

set a goal and go for it

We all have big dreams and unrealistic expectations. But does having a dream justify your life’s purpose? People in their adolescence should understand the distinction between having a dream and achieving a goal. If you ask around, you will find that nearly half of the people in that age group do not have any goals. However, you must understand that having a goal will assist you in overcoming many obstacles in life. You see, a goal is more than just a promise; it will define the type of person you are and will fulfill some part of your life’s purpose.

9. Decision making:

Decision making

There are costs and benefits to everything we say, do, or pursue. Our choices have an impact on our health, safety, relationships, how we spend our time, and overall well-being. In a single day, we all make numerous decisions. Some are minor and unnecessary, while others have serious ramifications. But do we really need to waste time on minor decisions when we can make a big difference by devoting time to major decisions in our lives? These costs and benefits may not always be obvious.

Many adolescents make poor decisions without thinking twice, which can haunt them in the future. While there are numerous reasons for a person to make poor decisions over the years, there is still a portion that we can control. People in that age are sensitive and easily influenced, so it is strongly advised not to do anything hastily.

10. Bad company:

It is the company that shapes our decisions and actions

It is the company that shapes our decisions and actions. When we’re in good company, we can accomplish things we never thought possible. A bad company, on the other hand, can lower your morale, negatively influencing you. They will be preventing you from achieving your objectives. If you have a bad company, you will eventually realize it, but it will be too late by then. Not all bad company is destructive to you personally, but some can influence you in such a way that it appears to follow you for the rest of your life. Having a lot of friends isn’t a bad thing, but keeping an eye out for their influence on you can definitely be beneficial.

I, too, had made some of the mentioned mistakes. The age group of 16 to 25 is crucial in life; we learn, we fall, we get hurt; that is what life is meant to teach us. If you make a mistake, you will undoubtedly discover it today or tomorrow. But why wait until you realize when you can avoid those mistakes? You can, in fact, learn from your mistakes. However, you can also learn from the mistakes of someone else.

What were some of your worst mistakes?

Consider taking a long, hard look at yourself and imagining your life in ten years. What do you want your life to be like?

Use your imagination as a motivating factor and walk slowly through your life, attempting to make wise decisions. 

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