How to overcome from loneliness- Learn the practical ways



The entire world is gripped by this dreadful symptom known as loneliness. Loneliness is a state in which you feel completely disconnected from others. You may be in the midst of a crowd, but you will still feel isolated and empty. You wouldn’t want to hang out with anyone. Not only that, you also may feel some level of emotional disconnect. On the other hand, you could be alone in your house one day and not feel anything.

How to overcome from loneliness


The major difference between being alone and feeling lonely.


So there is a significant distinction between being alone and being lonely. Loneliness has many psychological conceptions. Assume you have an inferiority complex. Even though you have friends and families all around you, you will deny any  connection to them. You will feel like nobody belongs to you. You may believe that you do not need to associate with them and that you don’t really wish to be a part of it.

We all have a need for human connection, without it, you can have a feeling of loneliness that leads to depression, hopelessness, and in rare cases, making a friend out of volleyball and naming him Wilson like Tom Hank’s character in the 2000 classic Castaway.


How can we overcome our feeling of loneliness?


We must acknowledge and challenge our own harmful thinking. Instead, consider how valuable we are as people, how we do achieve some of our goals, and that we’re all deserving of love.

If you’re feeling lonely, read this blog because today we’re discussing five ways on how to overcome loneliness in life.


1. Just Ask.

Be the first one to ask.

If you feel you’re lacking meaningful relationships, then you have to be willing to be vulnerable and risk rejection. You may have people in your life like I do, whether it’s a co-worker, neighbor, or classmate where one of you throws out the idea of doing something, but it never happens.

For example, I can think of one guy I have studied with and at least five occasions when we discussed how awesome The Burger House was and how we should eat there someday. But neither of us asked the other about setting up a specific day and time.

If you don’t make the effort to deepen the friendship by spending time together, it will likely remain a meaningless human interaction filled with generic small talk.

Sometimes you ask and the other person is all for it, sometimes you ask and they’re not. But if you’re feeling lonely, Be the first one to ask, don’t wait for the other person to ask you to do something. If the other person says no, or they’re busy, don’t take it personally and don’t sweat it.

There are over 10 more people you could ask and I’m sure one of them will go to burger house with you. Be bold, be brave, and just ask. 


2. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity.

Focus on quality not quantity

Is it possible that you’ve convinced yourself that you’re lonely because you don’t have as many friends as you think you should? I’m sure I did it recently. I used to get jealous of people who post group photos in social media.

I snapped out of when I realized it’s not the quantity of relationships, but the quality of your relationships that matter. Having a bunch of people in your life will not necessarily help you overcome loneliness in life.

I think back to college when I used to be lonely and didn’t have many friends, but knew many people in my class. I realized I don’t have a ton of friends, but the ones I do have care about me, help me grow, and I feel comfortable sharing things with them I wouldn’t share with most people. You will have the same results when you focus on quality, not quantity when it comes to your relationships.


3. See similarities.

I am human, and I think nothing of which is human is alien to me.

One factor that may be adding to your feelings of loneliness is your perception that you need to find people who are precisely like you in order to feel comfortable and make friends with them. People who feel different from the majority of others are prone to loneliness and depression because they believe most people will not understand them. However, consider the truth spoken by Terence, a Roman playwright: “I am human, and I think nothing of which is human is alien to me.”

Everyone has insecurities, wants to be cared for, eats, has challenges, and has dreams. I could spend all day pointing out the things that all humans have in common. You, like everyone else, may have peculiarities. Taking genuine interest in other people and focusing on what you have in common rather than what makes you different is the key to overcoming loneliness and building quality relationships. If you’re lonely because you think you’re strange or odd, remember that you’re human. Nothing human is alien to you, and you can build a lot of important relationships just by genuinely caring about others and discovering similarities!


4. Find Your Creative Outlet.

find your creative outlet to overcome loneliness

Creative expression is a human need that is rarely found in the majority of people’s lives. It’s possible that you’re stuck, lonely, and misunderstood because you’re not fully expressing yourself. Unfortunately, being completely open and authentic with others can take a long time. Let go of the misconception that what you want to create isn’t good enough, or that it can’t be compared to what others have created. Consider this to be your play time. Choose an area of interest in which you want to improve. Writing, singing, playing an instrument, painting, dancing, or anything else that allows you to express yourself uniquely. You don’t have to share it or sell it, just do it for yourself. Watch how much better it makes you feel.

For example, I’m super passionate about personal development and motivational writings, but didn’t pursue it because I was worried about being strange and misunderstood. But then I started embracing this passion and started writing blogs, and making inspirational quotes as creative outlets. All I know is whenever I’m creating something without judging it or comparing it with others, I never feel more alive, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Find your creative outlet and I believe you have one an excellent way to overcome your loneliness.


5. Be nice to yourself.

how to overcome the loneliness quote

Nowadays, the majority of people are drawn outward. This isn’t natural. You are channelling your energy into factors outside of yourself. It is important to practice self-compassion. Remember that everyone fails, and there is no need to berate yourself, feel guilty, or put yourself down. That attitude will not help you reduce loneliness now or in the future. Instead, try talking to yourself in a supportive, kind, and caring manner. Try spending money on experiences. Limit your negative self-talk, take care of yourself, and give yourself a break in general. Try to settle within and find value in yourself.

We all feel lonely from time to time. So, whenever you feel like to overcome it, use these five ways to help you overcome it.

How to overcome loneliness quotes


Loneliness is a condition that can be overcome. Making a change does involve a conscious effort on your behalf. Making a change can make you happier, healthier, and enable you to have a beneficial impact on others around you in the long run.


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