Dibrugarh to Mechuka-How to reach Mechuka in 2021- Mechuka

Dibrugarh  to Mechuka-How to reach Mechuka in 2021 

picture of Beautiful Mechuka town.

Dibrugarh to Mechuka:

Starting of the year 2021, me and my friends went on a small trip to Menchuka town or rather Mechuka valley situated in the State of Arunachal pradhesh. We had a long road trip starting from Guwahati, Assam via Dibrugarh to Mechuka and back, just to get away from the hustle bustle of covid situations. While there are various means of travelling to Mechuka, I will be covering my personal travel experience.

Distance from Dibrugarh to Mechuka:

If we see the approximate distance from Guwahati to Mechuka it shows some 850kms. But it is somehow far from reality as you cannot cover the whole distance in one going. You will be having one or two stops in between according to your convenience.  So, I will be giving you the most appropriate and convenient routes, depending on your budget.


The first destination for you is Guwahati. You can reach Guwahati by Train or Flight depending on your budget. Stay for a day in Guwahati and leave for Dibrugarh early next morning or as per your convenience.

Guwahati to Dibrugarh : Day-2

The distance from Guwahati to Dibrugarh is approx. 445kms. You can opt for train, bus or cab to reach Dibrugarh. We booked a whole cab for 5 people starting from Guwahati for almost 8 days and I could say that it was the most expensive journey I had as an unemployed bachelor. But you can always choose to travel by your convenience. Fiery and exhausted you will be reaching Dibrugarh after a long 12 hrs of journey. Stay in Dibrugarh for one night.

Pasighat to Mechuka: Day-3

Next morning you can do two things take a sharing cab (800-1000 per person) and head to Pasighat and from Pasighat book a personal cab for Mechuka. It will cost around 18000-20000/- for 3-4 days. Since Mechuka is situated high up in the mountain near China border, the town is mostly cut off from the main hectic civilization and the mobility to Mechuka town is tough. Booking a personal cab is the only option. Now, Pasighat to Mechuka distance is around 350km so you will have to stay the night in Aalo.  The journey from Pasighat to Aalo will be a harsh journey, the road condition is extreme. It will roughly take 4-5 hrs to cover a distance of 100km depending on the driver. I will suggest Cozy resort near Yomgo Sipu for an excellent view in reasonable rate. After such exhausting journey I will guarantee, you will be waking up to a beautiful Aalo town along with a splendid view of Yomgo River.

Aalo to Mechuka: Day-4

                     Aalo to Mechuka road condition.

 Finally the ultimate journey to a beautiful town called Menchuka. You will be covering some 300km from Aalo. The distance in google shows only 186 km which it not exact. You will only be reaching Menchuka gate in that distance where you can have lunch and relax for a while. The real journey will start from the gate. With so much of elevations and extreme road conditions you will be reaching the beautiful Mechuka valley in about 6 hrs. Embrace the cold Mechuka weather and call it a day to settle in your home stay or hotel. Next day early morning, enjoy the beautiful snow caps from your stay. After a heavy breakfast go for your Mechuka to do list.

Hardworking locals of Mechuka

Note:- To remember about the Dibrugarh-Mechuka journey.

  • With so much of excitation don’t forget to apply for ILP (Inner Line Permit) through the Arunachal tourism website (we had to show our Covid negative result while applying). The ILP will be checked at Ruksin Gate on your way to pasighat.
  • Also along with ILP, book your hotels and home stays way in advance.
  • The whole Mechuka trip will cost you around 30-50k (depending on various factors) if you are traveling solo.
  • Remember the extreme Mechuka weather and road conditions and avoid any troubles. Plan your itineraries with some research.
  • There will be zero cell receptions after Aalo except BSNL feasible only for calls.
  • I advise withdrawing cash at Aalo for your time in Mechuka. Mechuka does have one State Bank ATM in the main market but it often runs out of cash. Needless to see, it is a tiny village and card payments aren’t accepted anywhere.
  • Talk with locals; they are the most down to earth people you will ever meet.
  • Also try out the local rice beer along with traditional cuisine.
  • The Mechuka tourist places can be deceiving. I suggest not exploring the town as a tourist, rather getting involved and trekking around enjoying the stories from the locals. 
  • Embrace the beautiful Mechuka Valley for 4-5 days and return home same ways.
  • All the informations regarding the travel plans via Dibrugarh to Mechuka is given above. 
Wishing you all a Happy and safe journey.

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