Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you wanted to punish yourself for a mistake that you never committed, only to later blame yourself for every thought or desire you had? I guess the answer is yes. Because it is one of the most basic psychological problem a human has to face in their lifetime. To come out of such situations, you will have to understand how a human psychology works. Here you will learn some technical terms about psychology which will help you to understand some life purposes. 

Do not believe in everything you think

Human Psychology:

To acknowledge the controversial history of psychology in brief, formerly, psychology accepted ‘soul’ as its main subject of investigation, where they concentrate their attention in spiritualism. Later on the ‘soul’ was replaced by ‘mind’. But both ‘soul’ and ‘mind’ could not be scientifically studied. Eventually ‘consciousness’ and ‘science of human behavior’ were taken into consideration. To say, psychology helps us in understanding a person’s mental, physical and social behavior.

Human Behavior:

 Human psychology and its behaviour

So, a question may arise that, why should a person connect his life problems to a human psychology?  The answer is simple “Human psychology is the science of mind and human behavior”. Easy way to say is that any emotional, mental and social issues a human can possibly have can be solved by a person’s psychological study. Why? Because psychology study everything pertaining to human behavior. As we know that human behavior is controlled by human mind. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have perfect control over human mind. It is difficult to predict the direction in which the human mind will move. Hence, it employs different methods of studying a person’s psychological behavior. Out of which I will list below two of the methods which is very common.

1. Introspection method:

Where an individual introspects and interprets his own mental processes.


2. Objective observation method:

Here, the activities and actions of another person are studied.

 The above methods will help you in identifying and acknowledging the existence of science behind a human behavior. Hence, the knowledge of basic human psychology will not only make you wise but will help you understand the necessary of taking help of psychology for your day to day problems. Eventually, you will understand that all the three human behavior (mental, physical, social) is interconnected. You may not need to understand the whole point of psychology, but I guess a little knowledge about your own human behavior can help you overcome various life problems. 

Now you can say that yes, you are responsible for your own behavior. But the question remains “are you ready to find out what part of you is really responsible for your certain behavior”?  If yes, then you must learn to peek inside your psychology or may be take help from someone. As the legends say, everything in universe is interconnected. So you must think, feel and and learn to act on yourself. 


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  1. Do explore on Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung,too their findings on Psychology is interesting,i.e. subconscious, conscious and stuffs like archetypes defined by Jung. Anyways, keep doing nice presentation.

  2. Wow dost, I really admire the effort you've put into this and undoubtedly it's a very interesting piece, I say keep writing and writing! ❤️

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